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After dinner, I was surprised when Mom said she wanted to come directly back to the hotel. I had thought she was going to give me some sort of show in public and my cock was twinging. We entered the hotel through the parking garage but when we got out of the rental car, Mom didn’t walk toward the elevator. When I looked at her, she just smiled and bent over to take off her panties and dropped them in the middle of the parking lot.

I followed her down toward a darker area of the parking lot that I saw was near the entrance to a stairwell. I was getting excited watch Mom’s ass sway as she strutted in her high heels.

As soon as were concealed behind a nice sports car, Mom pushed me against the wall and started tonguing my mouth. Sucking hard on my tongue, she started to fondle my already semi-hard cock. Mom was being so aggressive it almost hurt. In response, I pinched at Mom’s nipples causing her to moan. She undid my belt and pushed down my pants with my boxers. My cock sprang forward as we french kissed.

“Slide your hands down and lift up my skirt. Grab my asscheeks and lift me up so I can throw my legs around you.” Mom instructed. Her voice echoed in the stairwell.

Mom’s ass felt amazing as my fingers dug into her asscheeks. She sprang up gracefully wrapped her long legs around my waist. I could feel her tits against me and wanted access so I ripped her blouse open. This surprised me and her but the feeling of my cock pressed against the swell of her cunt was making me crazing.

The look on Mom’s face was horny lust and I can only imagine what I looked like.

“Fuck me against the car. Carry your mother over there and pin me against it with your cock you bad boy.” She said. The rush of excitement was unreal as I pinned my own gorgeous Mom against the wall. Clutching me, she grabbed my cock and set it against her pussy lips as I thrusted into her. We moaned together and kissed wildly. Feeling my cock in Mom again was mind-blowing. My body tingled as I held her up off the ground with my cock deep inside of her.

“Now kiss me. Don’t thrust for a minute, just kiss me and caress my ass.” Mom’s lips pressed against mine passionately. Our tongues rolled and danced together deliciously. I felt like I had more control since we were standing but the nastiness of the situation made my balls boil.

Breaking our illicit kiss, Mom said, “I can feel how strong you are Paul. Flex your cock in me. Fuck me hard but don’t cum yet. Take me here baby. Fuck me with your big eight inch cock… I’ve never had one as big as you baby. Mommy is definitely gonna get a hammering this week. Can you keep up with me?”

Mom’s words got me so excited I started slamming up into her. All of her weight brought our body connection together in ecstatic bliss. The sound, feeling, and intensity of having Mom against the wall on my cock was almost too much. I tried to control myself by flexing my ass muscles but was losing it. Sensing this Mom pushed me away and lifted herself off me. I was stunned and felt like I was still going to shoot my load.

Mom pushed me down to the ground and said, “Honey, control yourself.  I’m not going anywhere but you need to learn how to control yourself no matter how nasty the situation is.  I’m gonna ride you a little here… I’ve always enjoyed putting on a show and the risk of getting caught here with you is really turning me on.”

With that she at hard on my cock and pumped me for a minute.  My heart was pounding but the fear of being exposed prevented me from cumming no matter how good it felt.

Mom started groaning and painfully pulled herself off of me.  “I want to really enjoy this Paul. Let’s go back to our room and fuck properly.”  Mom got up and pushed her skirt down as she made her way to the stairwell. I followed after I pulled my pants up. We made it to our floor and entered the hall not far from our room. No one was around or so it seemed.

I pulled out the room key and opened the door but for some reason, Mom didn’t move. Instead, she put her hands on the door and looked at me over her shoulder. Then she reached back with one hand and raised her skirt before balancing herself against the door again.

“Finger fuck me Paul. Feel how wet I am because when we get into this room, I am going to fuck you so good it’ll ruin you for any other woman. You’re gonna use that cock to make me cum until I beg you to stop. Then I’m gonna ride you and coax all of that cum from your balls into my pussy.”

Again Mom’s words ignited something in me and I kissed her hard as I reached under her skirt. I pressed my fingers against her pussy and slid them around to find her clit. Flicking my fingers over her sex button, I pressed my thumb against her asshole. She was breathing and moaning against the door, her body was quivering.  I was worried someone would come into the hallway to find out what the commotion was.

“Oh honey, you learn fast. That’s so good. But it will be better inside…” Her voice trailed off as we fell into the room.

Mom threw off her blouse with ease as the buttons were now somewhere in the stairwell and I kicked off my shoes to strip down. Clothes flew onto the floor as we made our way to the bed.

Mom laid back and looked at me spreading her legs. “Honey, come fuck me now. Show me you know how to use that gorgeous cock of yours. I need to cum! I want you pump my pussy!”

“God!” I groaned in desire. I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was throbbing and bobbing.

“Hurry Paul! Stick your big cock in my pussy. Here let me get on my hands and knees. Give it to me doggie style, honey. I need your big dick inside me. Pound me!” She shook her ass and looked over her shoulder at me with hungry eyes.

I found her cunt-hole and slid my big cock into her. She felt so tight.

“Oh, yes. OH, PAUL!” she cried out even before the hilt of my cock reached her lips. “Ugh, sweetheart,” she grunted. “Fuck my cunt with that big thing! Jesus, this is going to be so good!”

All eight inches were inside her. I started sliding my long dick in and out of her fast and hard. The hot flesh of her pussy greased my cock. Our fucking was noisy, wet, and sloppy with each stroke. I looked down and watched my cock as my hips hammered against her ass.

“Ugh! Ooh, yeah, Paul, all the way in and out. That’s how I like it, sweetie. Give it to me, Paul! Ooh, yeah! Harder!” She began lunging back to meet my thrusts. “Oh, god, your big balls are slapping my clit!” I grasped her waist and pumped harder, and my pelvis started slapping loudly against her ass. Her huge tits were banging and the bed was rocking from side to side.

“Fuck me, Paul, give me all of your cock on every stroke! Ugh! OH, PAUL! GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK ME, HONEY, FUCK ME! PAUL! OH YES I’M CUMMING! OH! I’M CUMMING!”

Hearing and feeling Mom cum almost made me to lose it. She collapsed on the bed, panting in pleasure. I held my cock in her trying to hold back my own orgasm, clenching my cock and balls hard so that I could keep going. Finally, I pulled out and waited. I was breathing deeply, thinking about how beautiful Mom was in this situation. I was happy I hadn’t shot off uncontrollably.

She looked up at me through soft eyes. The orgasm had taken the edge off her but my cock was still at full attention and she noticed it with a smile.

“Mmm, you fucking stud, that was great. And you didn’t cum. But it’s okay now. I’m gonna ride you now and I want you to cum inside of me honey.”

Then she got up facing me with a sexy smile. Her tits were heaving. “See anything you like?” she asked coyly.

She had my undivided attention as she climbed up and straddled me. I reached for her tits as she said, “I’m gonna slide my pussy up and down on your enormous cock until I cum and I want you to cum with me. Feel my body and when it’s time, fill me up Paul.”

I felt the tip of my cock slide through her slick pussy lips. Her hand gripped my manhood as she lowered herself onto it inch by inch.

"Ooh, yeah,” she hissed. “Mmmmm,” I moaned as she sat on me.

She cried out in ecstasy as her pussy slid down over the last couple of inches. “Oh, my god,” she said, her voice rising, “Oh, god, Paul! Ugh! OH! Feels so good!”

She sat up and I grabbed her hips to push her all the way down onto my cock.

“Oh, yeah, I want every inch of your big cock in me,” she said. With another cry of pleasure she sat down all the way and she started fucking me.  It was obvious she knew what she was doing. With long, firm strokes she pumped her cunt up and down my cock, sometimes lifting her whole body up and at other moments just rocking her ass to work my cock back and forth.

“Mmmmm, that’s so nice,” she moaned.

Mom started bouncing faster and I watched her enormous tits heave up and down. I reached up to pinch her nipples as she rode me.

“Do my big tits make your cock throb?”

“Your tits are so sexy! I’ve jacked off thousands of times thinking about them about you Mom.”

“Ooh, honey. I love it when you stare at them. That’s why I wear tight clothes around the house. Isn’t it sexy how they bounce up and down now that we’re fucking?”

Mom was grinding on me and I felt like she was milking the cum from my balls. I didn’t know if I could wait until she came. I almost lost it again when she said, “You can fuck me whenever you want, honey. Oh, Paul, I’m fucking you, baby! I can’t believe I’m riding your big cock!” She was lost in the pleasure of the moment.

She bounced hard on me for a few seconds then added. “From now I want your big cock in me every day. We’ll find a way.”

She slowed down a little and a bead of sweat ran between her tits. “I’m almost there honey. Are you ready to fill me with your sweet cum?”

I raised her all the way up my throbbing cock and then lowered her back down. I did it a few more times thrusting up into her.

“Honey, you’re a natural cocksman! Ugh! OH! A little more, I’m almost there baby. Make me cum for you. Fill me up!”

I looked up at her riding my cock. She was bouncing and clenching and her tits were shaking. It was all too much. “Baby, I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Ooh yeah! Cum in me. I want to feel you! I’m going to cum again! Fill me up now!”

I pumped her with a few final strokes. My balls tightened up and a jolt of electricity ran up my cock to my brain.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. A hot shiver through my cock and my balls flexed. Mom was milking jet after jet of my cum from my cock.  “Oh, Mom! Oh, I’m filling your pussy!”

“I can feel it, sweetie! Oh, yeah, shoot it! Oh, Paul! I can’t believe how full I am!” She said.

“It feels so good! Oh FUCK!!!  MOM!!! I’m CUMMING!!!!”

Mom moaned incoherently for several moments as we lay there in a post-fuck stupor. Then she saw my still hard cock.

“Honey, you don’t how happy it makes me to see your cock still hard.  I’m gonna put it to good use.  Do you need me to suck it to get it a little harder?”

I couldn’t believe what mom was saying.  Mom started rubbing the head of my cock against her lips and then she took it between her teeth.  She nibbled on the bulb causing my cock to flex involuntarily.  She then grabbed the shaft and pumped and squeezed a few times until she was satisfied.

"Fuck me honey. Earn the right to use my body.  Show me how good you can be lover.” She said as she laid back and spread her knees.

I got in position between her legs and was consumed by her amazing body. I entered her slowly, just slipping in a couple of inches to give her time to adjust but she told me to “take her hard” because she was still revved up and wet. She pushed her hips up at me, urging me to go deeper, faster, and harder. She gasped with each thrust.

Mom wrapped her legs around my back, trying to lock our bodies together. She held me deep inside her moaning and grinding.

I was determined to give her a good, hard fucking she would never forget. I knew I would never forget it. I started slamming into her harder as she spread her legs wider and thrust her hips up to meet my cock. The way her pussy rippled around my fuck-stick it felt like she was cumming constantly. I grabbed Mom’s legs and threw them over my shoulders so I could pump even deeper. Mom wailed when I started drilling her that way, her head tossing back and forth. The energy between us was raw.

“Awww fuck, Mom!” I swore as I worked to keep my rhythm gong. “You’re so hot!”

“Yes! God, yes! Oh God yes!” she cried.  “I’m gonna cum again!  You’re making me cum again and again honey!”

After a few minutes, I knew I couldn’t last any longer so I slammed my cock into Mom one last time. Burying my shaft deep, I pinned her legs back, enjoying the feeling of her pussy pulsing around my cock. She was crying and thrashing beneath me, and I knew she was cumming again.

Mom then began to urge me to cum inside of her. She moaned, “I love feeling a man cum in me. Fill me up baby! Cum inside of me now!” She groaned as she closed her eyes and let the bliss carry her away.

“Not yet Mom. I want you to cum again. Cum with me Mom. I’m almost there.”

I could kind of tell Mom was still feeling some orgasmic aftershocks because her body seemed to be twitching a little.  She took a deep breath and looked into my eyes. Then she leaned up to kiss me.

Mom’s tongue kissing stirred new feelings in me and soon I was pumping my cock into her with long full strokes, fast and steady.  She immediately began moaning in pleasure loudly. But after just a minute, Mom pushed me back and forced me to stop.

“Paul, I have an idea to really coax that sweet cum out of you. Plus you should know that I always cum better when I’m on top.”

Mom sensuously climbed on top of me held his cock straight up so she could settle down on it. She put her hands on my hard stomach for balance and slowly rode her hips up and down. I took the opportunity to lightly pinch her nipples as she got into position.

Mom got her feet under her and squatted as she fucked my rock hard cock. It gave her just the right angle to slide smoothly up and down the whole length. It was intense to see Mom sliding up and down, my cock thrusting in and out of her. Once she got going, I held her hips to steady her so she could really go for it.

Mom was so beautiful as I looked up at her – the lust in her face was deep and it felt powerful to know I put that look there. Her eyes were closed as her huge tits bounced and cunt squeezed on my cock.

Mom began to cry out and fully impaled herself on my cock, freezing there for a long moment. She was shaking uncontrollably and then fell forward onto my chest. At that point, she breathlessly whimpered, “Fill me up honey. Take me now and fill me up. I want your cum in me.”

Mom’s body was somewhat limp but I was already so close to cumming that I just grabbed her hips and ass and started pounding up into her.  Our bodies slapped together and Mom held me tightly as I pumped into her with all my strength.

I could feel the cum surge through my cock into her – the feeling of cum exploding from my cock was unlike anything I’d ever felt. Mom groaned in response, “I feel it honey.  Oh! Oh! Oh!” and I felt her shake again.  I was spasming wildly, feeling so connected to Mom and outside of my own body.  It was ecstatic sensory overload for both of us as we laid there in a sensual heap of flesh, our bodies slick with sweat and cum.

As we drifted off to sleep, Mom whispered, “You deserve a special treat. Tomorrow is our last full day here and we’re gonna do something special together. It will be your final lesson on your way to becoming a cocksman.  After that you’ll just need practice. Hopefully, you will want to practice with me.”

Cocksman Part 6

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