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Their Own Moms: The Challenge

this post reminded me of this chapter of a story because of the mention of competition… one aspect of my relationship to mom that has gotten us so hot is that we are competing to be better for each other in every way.

"And I’ve never seen a cock squirt that much cum," Linda said. "God, Billy do you do that every time?"

"When I fuck Mom I do."

Mom was still swallowing and licking her lips. “He’s always that good,” she said, rubbing the semen on her tits around like lotion. “He fucks me like that every night when Charles is away.”

"Then you are the luckiest girl in the world," Linda said.

I kissed Mom and tasted my salty sperm on her lips. “Is your pussy satisfied?” I asked.

"Oh, yeah, honey. That was fantastic." She looked over at the twins, who were still gaping in awe. "So, under what shallow pretense did you seduce my son?"

"Well, we wanted him to…" Linda trailed off.


"We thought he’d say which of us has the best tits."

Mom glanced down at her huge cantaloupes and smiled. “I can answer that for you.”

"Yeah, yeah, Jill, we can’t compete with your watermelons," Chrissy said. "God, you’re like Jessica Rabbit."

No one disputed that. I leaned down and sucked on Mom’s right mountain. “Mmm,” she moaned.

"But I just thought of a new competition we can have," Chrissy said, her eyes flashing with sexual evil. "A ‘tightest pussy’ contest!"

Mom guffawed. “Oh, get real.”

"Afraid you might lose, Jill?"

"Please. Bobby, honey, which of us has tightest equipment?"

I chewed my lip. I knew the answer, but the contest sounded very fun. “I dunno,” I mumbled.

"Bull. You just want to fuck your aunts again."

"I want to fuck all three of you again."

"Okay, here’s how we’ll do it," Chrissy said. Like a giddy Campfire Girl, she explained how the game would work. It sounded simple enough.

Then Linda looked down at my cock, which was lying big and soft across my thighs. “Come on, Bobby, get that pussy-pleaser up and ready.”

"Maybe you can help me with that."

"Maybe we all can," Chrissy said. The three women knelt together in front of me like a harem. Three lithe, curvy bodies, three beautiful faces and six huge breasts. Mom took my cock in her mouth. Then Linda. Then Chrissy. Then they repeated the batting order. They gurgled and slurped on my rising dick and exhorted each other to hurry up. Heaven.

A few minutes later, I was rock-hard, blindfolded and lying on the rug in front of the hearth.

"By the way, what does the winner get?" I heard Mom ask.

"The winner gets to finish herself off on him," Chrissy said.



I read a story years ago. I don’t recall all the specifics, but it was about a handsome, studly teenager with a big Peter North-like cumshot. He was fucking his mom’s best friend and every other housewife on the block. For whatever reason, all the women in the neighborhood (except the guy’s mom)…

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